14. Activate Bridged Networking

  1. If biol300_2017 is running, log in and shut it down:

    ssh -p 8015 hjc@dynamicshjc.case.edu
    sudo shutdown -h now
  2. If biol300_2016 is running, shut it down as well:

    ssh hjc@biol300.case.edu
    sudo shutdown -h now
  3. In VirtualBox, select biol300_2017 and choose Settings > Network. Change the “Attached to” setting to “Bridged Adapter”. Under Advanced, verify that the MAC address matches the BIOL 300 Wiki’s (see Looking Up MAC Addresses for instructions).

  4. Start biol300_2017 and log in using the new address:

    ssh-keygen -R biol300.case.edu
    ssh hjc@biol300.case.edu
  5. Fix the backup script. Log into the vbox account on DynamicsHJC:

    ssh vbox@dynamicshjc.case.edu

    and edit the file

    vim /Volumes/CHIELWIKI/backups/biol300/2017/backup-biol300.sh

    comment out the definitions for REMOTESSH and REMOTESCP containing dynamicshjc.case.edu and uncomment the definitions containing biol300.case.edu.

  6. Fix SSH authentication into the BIOL 300 Wiki from the vbox account. You will be asked to accept the unrecognized fingerprint of the virtual machine — this is expected — but you should NOT need to enter your password. The IP address is the static IP for biol300.case.edu, obtained using host biol300.case.edu.

    ssh-keygen -R biol300.case.edu -R
    ssh hjc@biol300.case.edu

    If this works without you needing to enter a password, automatic authentication is properly configured. You should logout to return to the vbox account on DynamicsHJC, and logout again to return to the virtual machine.

  7. Shut down the virtual machine:

    sudo shutdown -h now
  8. Using VirtualBox, take a snapshot of the current state of the virtual machine. Name it “Bridged networking enabled”.